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Army of Numenor

The Numenorean army is the mightiest that exists in Arda at this point of time, and one of the greatest in all the ages of the world. It is this military strength which has enabled the Sea-Kings to extend their sway over vast areas of Middle-Earth and protect their dominions from Sauron and others who would oppose them. The strength of this army lies not just in its size, but also in the rigid discipline of its soldiers and their stern loyalty and valour -- all of which combine to make it almost unstoppable.

The Numenorean army consists almost entirely of foot soldiers. The typical gear of the Numenorean 'Narad', or warrior, consists of chain, spear and sword. In addition, the Numenoreans are well provisioned for long campaigns in far places.

The main unit of the arms of Numenor can be found within what is called a Host consisting of some 6000 Men. These are further divided into ten Cohorts consisting of 600 Men apiece. The Host commander is a high position indeed and holds the Adunaic title of 'Attabar' or 'Father of Strength.' The ensignias and badges of the Hosts vary from place to place.

There are two kinds of Cohorts in the Numenorean Host. The most common kind is the Cohort of Men-of-Arms. These are foot soldiers that are armed with spear and sword. In addition, all Numenorean warriors carry with them on their belts a sealed wallet that contains a small phial of cordial and wafers that can sustain life for many days as may be needed. In the classical Host, eight of the ten cohorts consist of this kind of soldiery.

The other two employ perhaps the most effective of the weapons of the Numenoreans: Bowmen. The bows and arrows employed are wrought of steel, to be sent in hails against their foes. The bows themselves are a full ell long! The commander of a Cohort, holds the Adunaic title of 'Azgaran', which roughly translates to 'Man-making war.'


The Hosts which make up the Numenorean army fall into 3 categories -- the Standing Hosts, the Reserve Hosts, and the War Hosts.

Standing Hosts These are the elite Hosts, containing the veteran soldiers who are the most highly trained. They are always fully manned and ready to march into battle at a moment's notice. In more peaceful times, there was but 1 Standing Host in Numenor proper, but due to internal strife, there are now 6 Standing Hosts upon the Isle -- a number unheard of in the days of old.

They are the 1st Host in Mittalmar, the 2nd Host in Andustar, the 78th Host in Hyarmenstar, the 4th Host in Hyarrostar, the 5th Host in Romenna, and the 6th Host in Forrostar. In addition, there are several Standing Hosts based in the colonies -- the 7th, 11th, 12th and 16th Hosts in Umbar, and the 8th Host in Tharbad.

Reserve Hosts There come times when the presence of Numenorean might is urgently needed in a troubled place. However, the Standing Hosts are often on duty in positions from which they cannot be spared -- thus, the Reserve Hosts. These Hosts are formed of those Hosts from the Standing Hosts which can be spared at any time(all 6 Hosts from Numenor, and the 7th Host from Umbar), and a number of other Hosts which can be assembled very swiftly.

These latter Hosts are not fully manned at all times, but rather, consist of the commanders and a small number of trained veterans. Those who wish to join them must serve in the Host for 2 years. After this term of service, they may leave, but will have to return every 3 months for battle training. In this manner, these Hosts are comprised of trained soldiers who can be rapidly assembled in times of need, and sent wherever they are needed. There are 22 Reserve Hosts in totality.

War Hosts The Standing Hosts and Reserve Hosts together number 32 -- a mighty force indeed, and one which is well able to deal with the forces of Sauron and petty rebellions of Middle-Earth. However, there may come a time when such a foe threatens Numenor that her entire might shall be needed -- the well nigh invincible Grand Army of 75 Hosts.

The Grand Army consists not just of the Standing and Reserve Hosts, but also of the War Hosts. The latter will be formed of the citizens of Numenor who will be conscripted into service should the need ever arise. The War Hosts are 43 in number. However, this massive force has never been needed in the course of Numenor's history -- and it is extremely doubtful that it ever will be.

Army Ranks:

Attabar Host Commander

Azgaran Cohort Commander

Narad Warrior


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