Friday, August 24, 2012

Numenore – Technology Maxed - Non-Canon(sic)

Numenor on the eve of the sailing of Ar-Pharazon the Golden to challenge Sauron?

And Ar-Pharazon instead sails and lands in Iberia with his force of around 250,000 men, who all stand over 6', indeed, the term "man high" represents 6'4", and Elendil the Tall, who lived then, was said to be over 7'6". Not to mention, all are armed and armoured with some of the greatest steel weapons, including 6'6" long bows made of hollow steel.

That was before the Great Armament.

It would happen about 100 years earlier, when Ar-Pharazon assembled a force so great that Sauron's minions feared the Dunedain more than they feared their own master.

So the Dunedain are not actually yet on the search for eternal life by seizing the Deathless Lands.

But also, I think that the population of Numenore is great enough that they would never need to breed with the Lesser Men, it is in the millions, possibly in the 10's of millions?!

I have seen in Tolkien's books some matter that seems to suggest that in the later part of Ar-Pharazon's reign Numenor had steam powered ships.

Other possible technology in Tolkien's world is:-

Internal combustion engines. Some of the machines that attacked Gondolin were clearly not flesh-and-blood dragons.

Powered aircraft (some exiled Numenoreans after the fall)

Numenorean rocket missiles ("Our darts are like thunder and fly over leagues unerringly", as a Numenorean writes in one of Tolkien's books says).

If all this and its necessary infrastructure landed in Bronze Age Europe and America, it might quickly develop into a modern technological system.

The Numenoreans began to get gadget-happy (and more militaristic) as they became dissatisfied with the Valar's gifts and began to desire immortality, which led to them being corrupted by Sauron.

Their more advanced tech is also associated with "Unfinished Tales," one of the Faithful comments that Sauron taught them how to build vessels that propel themselves.


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